Zoom’s new Intelligent Director gives you no hiding place in meetings

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Zoom got a new update that may not sit well with a lot of people. Now, if you are one of those who like being anonymous in meetings on Zoom, then this piece of news will probably give you something to worry about. 

Zoom’s Intelligent Director beta is designed with a machine learning algorithm to track participants’ heads through multiple cameras that have been positioned strategically in a meeting room.

For Zoom, things have not really been as they used to, especially with the pandemic way behind us now. Those days [the pandemic era], Zoom was the main remote app for everyone. That has however, changed with the coming of Google Meet and Microsoft Teams among others. 

That said, the company did not really stop at adding new features and updating its services. Of course, it lost some of its users and growth stalled, Zoom remains the main app for thousands of other businesses out there.

Back to Zoom Intelligent Director; the tool will allow more people in mid-to-large board rooms to appear present in a meeting, even if they are trying to stay far away from the eyes of the camera within the big screen. 

The focus will be on each participant’s face, displaying their face in a box on screen [see image above], and then track them as they move. According to Zoom, the new tool avoids the “bowling alley effect” usually seen in many large boardroom video meetings where a lot of participants sit as far away from the camera as possible.  

Zoom Intelligent Director will not be available by default, but companies will need to contact Zoom through the website to sign up. As a matter of fact, availability of the tool will be on a case-by-case basis. 

Zoom’s system is capable of tracking up to 16 meeting members, according to the company. 

In January, Zoom launched human avatars for meetings. The customizable virtual characters mirror your movements and facial expressions. The avatars will make less-formal meetings more relaxing as you do not have to appear in such meetings appearing in your physical self on video.

Zoom also announced templates as shortcuts for various meeting types. You can create your own templates or choose from three out-of-the-box setups. These consist of large meetings [automated captions and automatically recorded content], seminars [tighter crowd-control settings with screen-sharing disabled] and K-12 [enabled polls and quizzes while limiting distracting features].

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Author: Ola Ric

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