Zoom launches “Zoom IQ for Sales;” an AI-powered tool for sales teams

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Image Credit: TechCrunch

Zoom has announced a set of new tools aimed at helping sales teams achieve their targets. The AI-powered tool called Zoom IQ for Sales, uses artificial intelligence to analyze sales meetings and deals to provide insights.

Zoom is always searching for ways to help our customers elevate their end customers’ experience and Zoom IQ for Sales is the latest development in that journey,” Josh Dulberger, Zoom’s head of product, data, and AI, said per TechCrunch via email. “Zoom IQ for Sales … [can] identify opportunities, assess risks and ultimately enable and improve sales team performance. It uses natural language processing models to process post-meeting transcripts and deal progress data, generating insights for sales reps and managers.”

Zoom IQ for Sales also serves as the expansion of Zoom’s contact center strategy. Recall that Zoom had explained last February that it saw Zoom Contact Center “supporting customer service use cases.”

Zoom has made strategic investments in homegrown speech recognition technologies and recruited a world-class team to produce high-fidelity transcription services that are a backbone for products like Zoom IQ … We’re developing domain-specific NLU (natural language understanding) using few-shot models to build features that will be more reliable and valuable to our users,” Dulberger continued.

Zoom IQ for Sales generates an engagement score with the aim of capturing how attentive a particular customer us based on “talk-time” ratio, the lag time between responses and the number of times the customer speaks during the call. A different metric, according to TechCrunch, the sentiment score, measures “positive” and “negative” words and phrases in meetings. While another score monitors the use of filler words like “oh,” “like,” “uh” and “um,” which some studies have shown to negatively impact on sales close rates.

Recently, DocuSign, a company known for offering electronic signature services, teamed up with Zoom to enable signature signing on video. A new eSignature app has been launched to allow users to sign and confirm documents while on a video conference call.

The partnership aims to make signing agreements online a bit more personal. Zoom was the most used videoconferencing app during the pandemic—through its services, businesses and institutions were able to meet remotely.

However, certain documents still required physical signature which slowed down the pace of business. This will hopefully change with the launch of the new app that will aid signing of signature on video call.

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