Zoom launches human avatars for meetings

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Zoom has transformed, and I think most people will be cool with it. in recent times, the videoconferencing app that became so popular during the lockdown era has launched some cool features. A couple of days ago, Zoom rolled out human avatars for its video meetings.

Zoom’s new customizable virtual characters mirror your movements and facial expressions. This new features will make less-formal meetings more relaxing as you do not have to appear in such meetings appearing in your physical self on video.

Recall that Zoom has earlier rolled out animal avatars; but the new human avatars gives you additional profile options. The new human avatar option is only available as a beta, and requires a paid account to access. The company, according to Engadget, said it will launch new facial features, hairstyles, and customization options as the beta progresses.

Zoom has also announced templates as shortcuts for various meeting types. You can now create your own templates or choose from three out-of-the-box setups. These consists of large meetings [automated captions and automatically recorded content], seminars [tighter crowd-control settings with screen-sharing disabled] and K-12 [enabled polls and quizzes while limiting distracting features].

Also, there are plans to add threaded messages and reactions for in-meeting chats. This is similar to what you see in apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or iMessage threads, which makes it easier to figure out message someone is replying to. Emoji reactions also help clean up the chat and pair the response with the original message. Both features are scheduled for release later this month according to Zoom.

Zoom is also adding Q&A in meetings. This will enable meeting hosts to stay organized, thereby confining group questions to one area of the app. the new Q&A pop-out allows meeting hosts view, answer or dismiss queries. Hosts can also choose whether participants can view all questions or only answer ones. That said, hosts will need a premium plan to be able to access the new Q&A feature.

Last September, Zoom announced a new name for its chat product as it aims to compete with both Teams and Slack. Also, the videoconferencing service announced some new features to be added to its chat product.

Zoom app is now known and called Zoom Team Chat. This also comes with some extra features including, the ability to share in-meeting chat to Team Chat, scheduling a meeting from chat or channel.

The idea behind the change is to enable Zoom compete with major rivals like Team and Slack. Zoom Team Chat will now have a singular collaboration hub where you can work with your colleagues in real-time on calls or asynchronously over text chat.

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Author: Ola Ric

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