Zoom is coming to Facebook VR

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Facebook has announced a new collaboration with Zoom. The collaboration, which was announced via Facebook’s blog on Monday, will integrate Workrooms even more deeply into your everyday workflows. Starting from next year, Facebook users can easily join Zoom Meetings and use Zoom Whiteboard all from within VR.

Integrating with Zoom Meetings according to Facebook, will make it easier that ever to meet with your colleagues outside VR, through existing tools. All you need to do is to dial into any existing Zoom Meeting right from your Workrooms in VR. “And with Zoom Whiteboard integrated directly into Workrooms, you can sketch out and brainstorm ideas with everyone on the call, across devices.”

Full integration is not expected until 2022, but a sneak preview of what to expect was made available at Zoomtopia organized by Zoom.

In August, Facebook launched its new virtual reality office meeting software called Horizon Workrooms. The product is designed to enable you work from home VR experience. The first version will work with Facebook’s Oculus devices that are not widely used.

Distance is not expected to be an issue as users are expected to meet up inside Workrooms and have the same feeling as when they are physically in the same room. Features that will be available to users include avatars and 3D spatial audio, and the ability to your desktop computer and keyboard seamlessly from virtual reality. One of the major benefits of Workrooms is to improve the team’s ability to communicate, connect, and collaborate.

Meanwhile, Zoom has announced that it is adding support for live translation for as many as 30 languages by the end of next year. Live translation will be a part of automatic live transcriptions that was announced last February.

The addition of live translation will turn Zoom’s whiteboard into something almost like a fully-featured app. The support for live translation was a part of some other upcoming features and changes announced by the videoconferencing company in its Zoomtopia conference on Monday.

Zoom’s plan is to give users access to as many as 30 additional languages when it comes to real-time live transcription. In addition, Zoom will also offer translation services for premium subscribers, with the plan “to support real-time translation across as many as 12 languages by the end of next year.” Further details about what which languages will be added were however, not made available by Zoom.

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