Zoom has renamed its chat product and added new features to push

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Zoom has announced a new name for its chat product as the company aims to compete with both Teams and Slack. Also, the videoconferencing service has announced some new features to be added to its chat product.

Going forward, the Zoom app will now be known and called Zoom Team Chat. This also comes with some extra features including, the ability to share in-meeting chat to Team Chat, scheduling a meeting from chat or channel.

The idea behind the change is to enable Zoom compete with major rivals like Team and Slack. Zoom Team Chat will now have a singular collaboration hub where you can work with your colleagues in real-time on calls or asynchronously over text chat.

For organizations that use Zoom for video calls, they can now theoretically do majority of their workplace communication in a single place with Zoom Team Chat; this eliminates the stress of jumping from one app to another.

Our customers are telling us that [they] do not want the friction of jumping to multiple different products to collaborate with the same group of people,” Nerurkar said as per The Verge.

A couple of new features will be added at the end of the month to help improve users’ experience of using Zoom Team Chat. Soon, you will be able to share in-meeting chat right into Zoom Team Chat. This will make it easier to see any important notes after the meeting is over. Users will also be able to schedule a Zoom Team Chat channel; a feature that could be useful when having a text conversation.

In April, Zoom added Gesture Recognition among a couple of other upgrades. The addition means that instead of clicking on a reaction you can now raise a hand or put a thumbs up to that reaction in a call. The Gesture Recognition feature is available by default the client version 5.10.3. You can, however, enable it at the account, user, or individual level.

The videoconferencing company also introduced Zoom Whiteboard; a feature built into Zoom’s desktop app, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Rooms. The company plans to add support for Zoom Chat soon. The Whiteboard allows you to use sticky notes and add images and then save the whiteboard after the meeting.

Zoom also introduced the ability to turn chat notifications on and off and create a central library of polls. Hosts in the main Zoom session can now see Breakout Room activity, including screen sharing and audio and video status. Zoom will notify users about this as soon as they enter Breakout Rooms.

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