Zoom and DocuSign partner to enable signature signing on video call

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DocuSign, a company known for offering electronic signature services, has teamed up with Zoom to enable signature signing on video. A new eSignature app has been launched to allow users to sign and confirm documents while on a video conference call.

According to DocuSign, the partnership aims to make signing agreements online a bit more personal. Zoom was the most used videoconferencing app during the pandemic—through its services, businesses and institutions were able to meet remotely. However, certain documents still required physical signature which slowed down the pace of business. This will hopefully change with the launch of the new app that will aid signing of signature on video call.

DocuSign eSignature for Zoom enables organizations to reimagine agreement processes with virtual, face-to-face signing experiences that accelerate time to agreement – while building trust and loyalty,” DocuSign said in a blog post.

With face-to-face video calls, documents can be signed faster, and deals closed within minutes. Signing can be done live by selecting the app while on a Zoom call. The app is also able to automatically verify a signer’s government-issued photo ID or eID in real-time with ID verification.  The host of the meeting on his part, is then able to pass the documents around to the required signees. Attendees will all receive a PDF of the signed contract at the end of the call.

Employees don’t want to spend their days toggling between countless apps and emails, especially when working with customers or partners. They want tools that streamline workflows and easily enable them to connect and collaborate,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations. 

We’re excited about DocuSign eSignature for Zoom as it allows stakeholders to review agreements together in real time before signing, helping eliminate communication silos and accelerate the completion of agreements.”

You do not need to have an account with Zoom or DocuSign to use the service—all you need to do is to come along to the meeting. The app is already available, and can be downloaded from the Zoom marketplace.

Zoom’s auto-generated captions; a feature previously only available to premium users, became accessible to all last October. This did not come as a surprise since Zoom had in the past promised to allow access to all users.

To enable auto caption, an account owner with admin privileges can sign into the Zoom web portal. Once there, he can then find the “account management” in the navigation menu. Choose “account settings,” then click the “meeting” tab. Under the “in meeting,” toggle the closed captioning option to enable it.

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