YouTube’s chapters help you skip to where you want to get to in a video


YouTube has made it easier for you to skip to the exact place you want to get to in a video by launching a new feature called “chapters.” With chapters, you will be able to skip to the precise place you want to watch in a video; just like in a book.

As described by The Verge, chapters on desktop would not look too different from how videos have always been. You will barely notice the biggest change made by YouTube—the bar used to indicate video progress will have little black breaks in it to indicate where each chapter ends and a new one begins. You will, however, see the title of the chapter in a section when you place your mouse over it.


Chapters is for every creator, and there is actually no limit on which videos can get chapters. Lately Google has been integrating machine learning into its service; unfortunately, though, there is an exception to this one. So, if you are a creator, you may have to use a third-party timestamp to describe your video—this makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your videos with ease.

A couple of days ago, the Google-owned company added new bedtime reminders to help you stop watching videos so you can go to bed. The feature will prompt you to stop watching videos at a set time every day. You can determine the start and end times, and customize the notification so that it does not interrupt the video you are currently viewing. However, you can choose to snooze the reminder for 10 minutes or dismiss it.

To get started, simply go to Settings > “Remind me when it’s time for bed” or customize from the “Time Watched” page. The bedtime reminders have already started rolling out to all YouTube users, though it may take a little while for some users to start seeing it appear on their phones.

Two years ago, YouTube rolled out some new tools to help users take charge of their viewing habits. When you open your account menu, you will see an updated profile showing the amount of time you have spent watching video for that day. You can also view the stats for the amount of time you have spent watching videos the previous day, and in the previous week as well.

Once you know how much time you are spending using the app, you might want to take a break; but first you have to set a limit. It is like having a big brother watch over you and making sure you take a short nap to help get you back on track. You can set a limit, which will now be used to send you friendly reminder when you are due for a break.

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