YouTube’s app for Android finally gets dark mode

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Following months of waiting, YouTube has finally rolled out its famous dark theme to Android devices. This is coming a couple of months after the video streaming company rolled out the iOS version of the app to millions of users.

Google confirmed the roll out to TechCrunch following several reports from users who have sighted the dark mode in the app’s settings. Last March Google had promised its users that it won’t take long before the Android version of the dark mode rolls out.

Well, there is nothing much to report here especially as the dark mode for Android is pretty similar to what we have in the iOS version of the app. Just like it is in the iOS version, users can toggle on or off in the Android app’s Settings. As expected, the white background switches to black all through the YouTube app as soon as it is enabled.

The desktop version of dark mode was launched sometimes in 2017, and became instantly popular among users and visitors to the website. At the time, many people thought it won’t be long until the mobile version was added, but that was not to be until last March when Google launched the iOS version.

Dark mode is preferred by many users because of its many benefits. For example, viewing YouTube in a room with dim light does not leave any strain on your eye. It is very unlike the usual way of watching YouTube, especially in an apartment where there is no light or the light is dim.

YouTube formally announced Dark Theme in the middle of last year after it added it to its desktop version. Dark mode, according to YouTube, is designed to “cut down” on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch. It [Dark Theme] turns your background dark, and enriches your YouTube experience.

YouTube videos will now display vertical videos on desktop; and of course, without the black bars on the side. The change was rolled out last Friday by the Google owned video streaming side. Videos’ aspect ratio will now be automatically adjusted to suit the screen size of your computer.

Per user forums, the company said: “We launched an update to the YouTube video player on desktop – the player now automatically adapts to provide the best viewing experience based on the video’s size (aspect ratio) and your computer’s screen/browser size,” Marissa Community Manager said.

Every video would now be 16:9, however, some exceptions will be made for some more cinematic footage. The tech blog further adds that YouTube is already forcing its web player to adapt to different aspect ratios. The reason for this is of course, to accommodate videos with inferior aspect ratios. Below you will find the old and new formats starting with the old on the left and followed by the new on the right.

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