YouTube’s Ad Blocker Slowdowns – How to Fix It?

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YouTube Ad Blocker Crackdown 

Are you using an ad blocker? If you are, then do not be surprised if watching videos becomes more difficult. 

According to the latest YouTube’s terms of service, the use of ad blockers is prohibited. The platform began to display a message stating that ad blockers violate its TOS each time you view a video and you are using an ad blocker. 

If you wish to proceed, you have to display an ad blocker. Or you can just opt to sign up for its YouTube Premium. 

Recently, though, the platform has taken another step to further discourage users from using an ad blocker. This time, YouTube will slow down the site if you view a video and your ad blocker is enabled. 

The experience will be a suboptimal viewing. Users are reporting that the site becomes laggy. Some also said that it has become unresponsive. But it is responsive again after disabling the ad blocker. 

The issue is the result of a timeout in the platform’s code. It mimics a laggy internet connection. 

If you experience a suboptimal viewing on YT, all you have to do is disable the ad blocker. 

Ad Blocker Conundrum

Ads are vital for many YouTubers who rely on ad revenue to monetize their content and sustain their channels. When you allow ads, you are contributing to the financial support of your favorite creators. This enables them to continue producing the content you enjoy. 

The ad revenue helps keep this content available to a wider audience without the need for direct payments. It also provides a vast library of videos covering a wide range of topics. Ad-supported access enables users to enjoy content for free sans the requirement of payment for individual videos or subscriptions. 

YouTube relies on advertising as a significant source of revenue. Supporting this revenue stream contributes to the sustainability of the platform. It ensures ongoing improvements, features, and innovations. 

Ad revenue also enables a diverse range of content on YT, from educational content to entertainment. By allowing ads, you help maintain this variety and cater to different interests and preferences. 

It also motivates creators to know that their content is being monetized. They can invest more time and effort into producing high-quality videos. This benefits viewers by enhancing the overall content quality on the platform. 

Indeed, ad blockers can help in protecting your privacy and avoid watching intrusive ads. However, there must be a balance between supporting creators and maintaining a positive online experience. 

If you wish to continue watching YouTube without ads, you might want to consider signing up for YouTube Premium. It removes ads from the platform and YouTube Music. 

You just have to pay for $13.99 a month. To save more on your subscription, you may choose to pay $139.99 per year. If you are a student, though, you can opt for a Student plan that costs $7.99 a month. For a Family plan, you just pay $22.99 a month and it is good for five family members. 

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