YouTube TV Update Would Allow Viewers to Watch Up to Four Live Steams at Once

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It is called Mosaic Mode. 

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New Features for Live TV Streaming Service

Google is said to be working on new features for YouTube TV. One of the upcoming features is the Mosaic Mode. It would allow viewers to watch up to four live streams at once. 

However, Google did not comment yet on this report

If this report were true, then it would be extremely useful for viewers. They could watch several events all at once through split screens. 

Sports fans like multi-viewing. YouTube TV won’t be the first to provide this feature. FuboTV, for instance, has already implemented a Multiview feature that enables four simultaneous streams. 

PlayStation Vue had a similar feature but Sony shut it down. It was popular with users who wanted to watch multiple channels simultaneously. 

Livestreaming Popularity

Streaming is getting popular these days. It has surpassed cable viewership. YouTube and YouTube TV are getting large shares of overall TV viewing. 

Compared to cable, live TV streaming is a lot cheaper. You can subscribe to YouTube TV for only $65 a month and you can already access various broadcast networks, cable news channels, and national sports channels. 

Other Features 

In addition to Mosaic Mode, YouTube is also cooking optimizations for YouTube Shorts. It’s the company’s short-form video service similar to TikTok. 

The report also suggests that its interface on smart TV could eliminate the scroll bar being utilized to scrub through conventional YT videos. The new interface would allow users to quickly access thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. 

Currently, YouTube Shorts can be viewed on YouTube apps through some smart TVs. But they play using a standard interface. In that case, it is not suited for Shorts’ short-form style. 

The development of this feature is probably Google’s answer to TikTok’s popularity in the smart TV space. Previously, you could only see TikTok videos on a mobile device. However, these days, videos are now available across smart TV platforms. 

Even though TikTok is gaining popularity, Google has a huge advantage because YouTube is pre-installed on many smart TVs. But if customers want to watch TikTok videos, they have to install the TikTok app first. 

Apart from these updates, YouTube Music is also getting updates for smart TVs. For instance, subscribers could soon browse and add their playlists and albums to their libraries. 

Since Google has not confirmed yet these reports, Protocol stated that one of these features could be available in the coming months. 

Tiktok Vs YouTube

Even though TikTok is increasingly popular among younger people, YouTube remains the most popular video-sharing platform. It is simple and it is easy to share content with a large audience. 

Both young and older adults utilize it. Whether it is a product review, gaming channel, or beauty tutorial, YouTube got you covered. 

The video-sharing platform has over 2 billion users around the world. It is the second most popular social network. These billions of users log into the site at least once a month.

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