YouTube to automatically age-restrict more videos

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YouTube is set to address age-related issues as they concern videos that are considered unsafe for a particular age group. This is a fallout of recent outcry by parents over the platform not being safe for children. The Google-owned streaming website is never shy from saying to everyone that its platform is not safe for persons under the age of 13. Alternatively, it always directs parents to download YouTube Kids which has enough content to cater to their needs. 

Haven been able to achieve so much with the power of AI, YouTube is again deploying the technology to age-restrict more videos. YouTube believes that artificial intelligence technology will be able to catch more videos that require age restriction.

The company hopes to replicate the success of using AI to control violent content on its platform. Using a similar approach, YouTube believes that its AI technology will be able to automatically flag videos it considers not appropriate for a particular age. What that means is that its latest approach will see users experience an upsurge in the number of videos that will pop up as a result of age restrictions. 

Per The Verge, the video-streaming website is taking proactive action because it feels there might be some mistakes in labeling the same way we have in any rollout of AI moderation technology. As part of the changes coming up, people watching YouTube videos embedded on third-party sites will be redirected to YouTube to sign in and verify their age. 

Because our use of technology will result in more videos being age-restricted, our policy team took this opportunity to revisit where we draw the line for age-restricted content,” YouTube said in a blog post. “After consulting with experts and comparing ourselves against other global content rating frameworks, only minor adjustments were necessary.”

In other news, a new section for upcoming content subscriptions is being tested by streaming giant YouTube. The company announced this via its official blog on Monday in a move that will make it easier to when your favorite channel will be live. What this means is that you may no longer need to scroll through your front page or subscriptions to see who is currently online. Once the feature goes live, you will be able to find upcoming live content and premieres with ease.

“Upcoming live and premieres” is being added to the subscriptions feed, and will show content separately from the latest uploads that usually appear in the subs feed. YouTube explained in the blog post that Upcoming live streams and Premieres from the channels you are subscribed to will be sorted in reverse chronological order. What that means is that live streams and Premiers happening soonest will be placed first while the ones scheduled for later will follow after.

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