YouTube Testing New Video Progress Bar on Android

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YouTube App on Android 

Some users noticed a slight change to the progress bar of the YouTube app in Dark Mode. If it’s available to you, you will see that the progress bar is white or gray, rather than red. When you’re watching a video in portrait orientation, you might see it. 

You won’t see it on the light theme. 

Android Police also reported that some iPhone and iPad users have also spotted the new color of the progress bar. If you don’t see it yet, you might need to update the app to the latest version. 

If after updating the feature is still not enabled, it will be very soon. 


YouTube has released several updates in the past few weeks. Recently, it released the add-to-queue feature on the YouTube website. 

Previously, the only way to get back to content that you don’t want to watch right away is to save it to “Save to Watch later” option or you can send it to Save to playlist. 

But these options are more permanent. If means that if you no longer want the video, you need to remove it manually after watching it. 

However, the YouTube queue feature is temporary. When you update the app, you will see the three-dot menu next to videos. You will find it in the queue option. 

When you select it, the app will create a queue. You can also drag it to rearrange the viewing order and remove the content by swiping left. Some options let you repeat and shuffle playback. 


YouTube also rolled out Emotes for comments on videos and streams. They are custom-made stickers and emotes. 

Although you can use emojis to comment on videos and streams, Emotes are custom emojis that you can send through comments. 

They work like stickers in the Emoji Kitchen stickers. These are pieces of static images that you can paste into the conversation. But YouTube hasn’t added animated stickers yet. If you are interested in this feature, consider using Telegram

This feature is also similar to Twitch for live streams. They are also custom-created emojis provided by the streamers. But on YouTube, the emotes are available sitewide. 

YouTube promised that more designs are coming to the app. If you are intrigued, just go to YouTube and use one of the YouTube Emotes by hitting the smiley face in the live chat or comments sections. 

When on a live stream, you can see the icon on the left. 

The new emotes are not locked behind a paywall. 

YouTube was quite busy in 2022. It released those features mentioned above and more. It also announced that it has reached 80 million subscribers with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. 

The app managed to reach a 30 million increase in subscriber base. Thanks to new features. YouTube also said that putting its fans first is one of the reasons the subscription number is growing.

And to further push the service to users, it has partnered with carriers in Korea, Europe, and Japan. 

Despite the impressive 80 million paid subscribers, the number is still nothing compared to the 433 million users on Spotify and 188 million on Apple Music.

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