YouTube Suspends Giuliani from its Partner Program – How Long will the Suspension Last?

Another Trump ally is suspended on YouTube. This time it’s Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. However, the condition is quite different from Trump. Read on to find out more. 

(Nova York – EUA, 24/09/2019) Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, durante encontro com o senhor Rudolph Giuliani, ex-prefeito da cidade de Nova York. .Foto: Alan Santos/PR

How Long Will YouTube Suspend Giuliani? 

On Tuesday, YouTube stated that it had temporarily ban Rudy Giuliani from its ad partner program. If you’re not familiar with it, this program lets YouTubers make money from ads on their videos. 

More on this later. 

Violating YT’s Rules

YouTube said that Giuliani violated the platform’s rules by sharing election misinformation ad nauseam. 

However, the ban is only temporary. It’ll be lifted after 30 days. And it has been in effect a week ago. 

Before Biden’s inauguration, YouTube removed Giuliani’s podcasts. 

The platform has been cracking down on new videos that talk about misinformation. YouTube and other tech companies faced backlashed after a mob flocked to the US Capitol. 

According to Giuliani’s video podcast, the events of that day suggested that President Trump orchestrated it and made him look bad. 

YouTube also took down Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. Steve Bannon is Trump’s adviser. The platform explained that Steve’s channel violated its Community Guidelines repeatedly. 

Critics lambasted social media companies, including YT, for contributing to the spread of misinformation that started the riot in the Capitol. 

To prevent further spread of false information, Facebook and Twitter suspended Trump’s accounts. 

Regarding monetization on YouTube, Rudy Giuliani won’t be significantly affected. That’s for sure. He has several sources of income. 

Monetization on YouTube

But the platform is making it difficult for regular YouTubers to monetize their videos. In 2018, the company changed the threshold for monetization through its program. 

They must first gain 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. 

YouTube explained that the goal of the changes could improve the company’s ability to choose creators who contribute to the community positively. 

If you have made a positive impact on that community, then YT will help you get more ad revenue. 

The higher standards of Google will also prevent those inappropriate videos from getting ad revenue. 

YouTube also reviews manually all Google Preferred channels. It’s a top-tier ad program. Many YouTubers are part of it so they get paid more. Google charges advertisers for the ads appearing on their videos. 

Because of those many changes, creators face the ordeal to succeed on this platform. Keep in mind that before you can make money on this platform, you need to succeed first. 

For YouTube, making money from ads running on your YT channel isn’t a “right.” Rather, it’s a privilege. Some YouTubers, however, are taking advantage of it. 

Many well-known creators have been suspended from Google Preferred after violating its rules. 

YouTube has the right to set its own rules for anyone who wishes to make money off of his/her videos. These videos are the ones that make money for its parent company — Google. 

If you’re still posting misinformation on your videos on YouTube, you might want to take them down. You don’t want the platform to suspend you or ban you from its Partner Program, thereby, preventing you from making money off of your videos.

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