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YouTube is developing a new insights feature for search in YouTube Studio. It provides info on what people search for in the app. And it can filter search terms related to your channel and content.

Every element is valuable when you plan for your content campaign. The new search feature, aptly called Search Insights, is still in testing. Once released in full, it will appear in your Analytics/Research tab. And it will have two separate tabs for research.

The first tab has a list of what your channel viewers are searching for. It means insights on what regular viewers of your content also look for on YouTube in general.

youtube studio search insights

The tab will have insights into the topics of interest of your viewers. It also has the overall search volume of each search keyword. And it comes with the amount of traffic your channel has collected per query.

The Content Gap marker adds the ability to filter these lists per search query that have a low volume of matches.

The idea is to highlight these queries. It helps creators focus on creating content that align with searches and not currently served by the available videos in the app. It could open new opportunities for your campaign.

The Searches Across YouTube tab gathers insight on the most common search queries per keyword. If you want the most common “how to” searches, you can enter “how to’” as a search term.

youtube studio search insights

If you filter the list to Content gaps only, the tool will give you a list of some of the most-searched “how to” terms not currently served by aligned videos.

youtube studio search insights

For instance, if you use “chromebook” as the keyword query, the results above are the most common Chromebook-related searches without a directly related YouTube video. It opens new opportunities for your strategy.

The new tool works along the lines of Google’s Search Console and Google Trends. And it provides deeper insight on what’s driving your YouTube channel traffic. And it gives you an idea on how you can enhance your content efforts to align with the trends.

YouTube says the new module is still in testing. It will have an extended rollout coming shortly.

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