YouTube Skip Feature: Can We Skip to the Good Part

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The graph will show the most replayed parts of a video. 

YouTube Skip Feature 

Yes, you can now skip to the good part and play the most replayed parts of a video because who has time to watch an entire video. The new feature was previously available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. But it’s now launching to all users. 

If the graph is high, then it means that watchers of this video have been replayed it often. You can use the graph to find and watch those parts. 

But some people wonder how this feature would make it interesting for the viewers. 

YouTube announced it as part of a set of updates. Some of the features are new while others are not. 

The updates work to make longer videos more manageable and accessible. They include features launched last year but the company had not formally announced.

Premium Subscribers

Premium subscribers have a chance to test a new feature that let users find the exact moment in a video that they wish to watch. But YouTube didn’t elaborate on this matter. But the new features work along with the chapters feature. It allows creators to break their videos into chunks. 

It’s not clear yet how YouTube creators can use this new feature. For one, the new feature encourages viewers to skip the majority of the content. It might hurt creators financially because it encourages viewers to skip some ads just to get to the meaty part of the video. 

YouTube clearly wants to make long-form content into smaller chunks. In that way, the video will be more accessible to the viewers who suffer from short attention spans. 

But it’s also clear that YouTube wants to push YouTube shorts to successfully compete with TikTok. 

Short-form video is still in the earlier stages. But TikTok is clearly the leader in this trend

YouTube Shorts launched last year. And just like TikTok, Short offers an endless stream of videos. Each Short is less than a minute long. 

Many social media companies have released similar short-form videos. 

But YouTube Shorts is probably in the most ideal position to compete with TikTok. It doesn’t have to copy TikTok entirely because it’s YouTube. 

Given the popularity of TikTok, Shorts is an extension of YouTube. It has several features that viewers and creators can take advantage of. 

YouTube Shorts has a better scope for creators to remix and create stuff from scratch or produce content from existing materials. 

Google recognizes that video is getting more significant in how people communicate. Videos can easily share information and viewers can learn from them. Google continues to improve its video features to ensure that viewers can have easy access to the information by providing view chapters to assist individuals in finding the information they are looking for quickly. 

The company will use DeepMind to analyze text, video, and audio to generate chapters for videos. This will improve accuracy and speed. Over the next year, the company hopes that this tech will increase videos with chapters.

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