YouTube Shorts Feature Rolls Out in Beta in the US

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This is YouTube’s alternative to TikTok’s short videos.

Last year, the Shorts Videos feature appeared in the Discover feed along with regular and web videos. If you’re not familiar with Discover feed, it’s a newsfeed that you can use to find articles on various web topics. 

Recently, YouTube announced new features that will come soon. One of the new features is the YouTube Kids app with new parental features. It also announced the coming of YouTube Shorts in the US. 

What is YouTube Shorts? 

It’s a short-form video tool that likens to TikTok’s short video feature. The company states that the feature is getting more than 3.5 billion views a day. And it’s launching it in beta in the US today. 

Although it has been expected to be available in the US in March, YouTube rolls it out earlier. It’s already live. However, because Google is known for its global rollout, some people may not see it now. 

TikTok and Its Popularity

Although TikTok popularized short videos, it wasn’t the first one to do it. Vine used to be the go-to platform for those who want to post short-form videos. Unfortunately, it was bought by Twitter and was later killed. 

Facebook already offered its own alternatives by releasing Instagram Reels. However, people seem to be using more of TikTok’s short video platform. 

Even though TikTok was temporarily banned in various countries, including the United States, it has still managed to be the dominant platform when it comes to short videos. 

In fact, analysts believe that the platform will surpass its 1 billion monthly active users in 2021.

Shorts, YouTube’s alternative to TikTok short video, was first rolled out in India. It was announced several months ago and, as mentioned, it was a success. 

For that reason, YouTube is rushing to introduce it to the US and other markets. The majority of TikTok’s users are in the US. That’s why YouTube wants to tackle it with the Shorts feature. 

Although it has rolled out to few people, Google didn’t provide a timetable on when it will be available to everyone. If you’re keen to try it, you may download a beta APK. 

Video platforms were a real hit in 2020 because of the pandemic. And it was also the year of TikTok. 

Social media sites are offering different ways for people to connect. People can easily adapt to new social media platforms. 

They went from using MySpace in 2005. They moved to Facebook when it was introduced in 2008. Then, in 2014, most of them left Facebook and migrated to Instagram. 

Currently, the mobile app TikTok holds the crown. Its rivals are copying many of its features to beat it. At first glance, this app is difficult to understand.

Many users spend millions of hours a day watching short videos. This is one reason TikTok is a popular platform. And it’s one of the reasons YouTube is in a hurry to introduce it to the US after its success in India. 

But, hopefully, YouTube will be more vigilant when it comes to misinformation, child abuse, and sexual exploitation.

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