YouTube Shorts adds more creator tools

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We all know that one of YouTube’s biggest dreams is to catch up big time with TikTok. On Tuesday, the streaming giant rolled out some more creator tools to make Shorts more competitive with TikTok.

YouTube released several creation tools for Shorts before today. The company has now followed up on that with the launch of some more creation tools.


This feature allows users to record short-term videos in a split-screen format with other Shorts or regular clips. To create a Collab video as a Short creator, simply hit Remix and then choose the new format.

YouTube is also adding a tool that lets users quickly build off of and remix existing Shorts. All a creator needs to do is tap the Remix button and select “use sound” in the Shorts player to automatically surface the audio and effect used in the clip they recently watched. Creators can then apply both sound and effects to their own posts.

Engadget reports that YouTube will start testing a new recomposition tool in the weeks ahead to simplify transforming horizontal videos into vertical Shorts. The tool will provide creators with a new way to adjust the layout, zoom, and crop of the segment they want to use after they have chosen a video to remix. This will give them an easy way to use the new split-screen effect for the video they are recomposing. 

 In April, YouTube started rolling out a video “remixing” feature to YouTube Shorts. Remixing is one of the popular features that attracts heavy usage on TikTok, and it is a smart move by YouTube. Remixing will allow YouTube Shorts creators to easily cut a five-second video clip out of any YouTube video.

Shorts can also be cut out of other shorts and included in their original short video creation. The feature is popular among those who are familiar with TikTok. TikTok has a similar feature called stitching, which has helped in the creation of viral reaction videos on the platform.

To get started, simply tap “Create” on any eligible YouTube video while using the YouTube mobile app. Next, tap “Cut” from the remix options that appear. Pick the segment you want to cut from the video.

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