YouTube shares stats on how it limits exposure to violative content

YouTube has released new stats on the number of times that users see offensive or violative content on its platform.

The Google-owned video-streaming service has been scrutinized recently. Reports and studies have shown proof on how YouTube helps fuel conspiracy theories and movements.

The service’s recommendations lead people to dangerous rabbit holes occasionally. And some of these users end up radicalized.

Some content violates YouTube policies. And the Violative View Rate stats show it has improved in preventing them.

youtube violative view rate

The VVR rate has dropped over time. And YouTube claims it can detect 94 percent of all violative content by auto-flagging. Around 75 percent are removed before even reaching 10 views.

“Our teams started tracking [VVR] back in 2017, and across the company it’s the primary metric used to measure our responsibility work. As we’ve expanded our investment in people and technology, we’ve seen the VVR fall. The most recent VVR is at 0.16-0.18% which means that out of every 10,000 views on YouTube, 16-18 come from violative content. This is down by over 70% when compared to the same quarter of 2017, in large part thanks to our investments in machine learning,” says YouTube.

A different look

One condition says the content must violate a rule to activate the detection. YouTube has many problematic channels, even though they have received recurring complaints. While these contribute to overall concerns, they would not appear in this data.

YouTube notes only 16 in every 10,000 video views reach its violative content list. And YouTube has billions of views daily. It means more than 1.6 million views on the platform daily have offensive content—maybe more.

The detection of offensive and violative content has improved over the years. But with the volume of content uploaded simultaneously to YouTube, and with billions of users, the service will most likely fail to reach 100 percent elimination.

It means the potential to cause significant harm still exists. And it can still fuel conspiracy theories and dangerous movements.

The reality is social platforms with billions of users will always help amplify concerning topics and issues.

While YouTube is bettering its advocacy, this battle will not see an end.

YouTube says it will add Violative View Rate data in Community Guidelines Enforcement reports moving forward.

Author: Francis Rey

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