YouTube Search Insights now available for creators

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YouTube has launched the rollout of Search Insights to creators. It has new data points to refine creators’ YouTube strategy. And you can base it on what people want to find in the app.

The platform first provided a glimpse of Search Insights in November 2021. Back then, it was set to have information on what people look for in the app. And these relate to your channel and content, or for general search queries.

Search Insights will be in the Analytics>Research element of the desktop version of YouTube Studio. It will have info on key topics of interest of your viewers. It also has the overall search volume of each element. And even the amount of traffic your channel has collected per query is there.

YouTube will show a marker for Content Gap queries. These are search terms without high volume matches. By underlining these queries, creators can focus on creating content that are relevant to searches that are not yet served by videos in the app. It opens new opportunities for your efforts.

You will also see a Searches Across YouTube feature. And it has insight on the most common search queries per keyword.

For instance, if you want the most common ‘how to’ searches on the platform, you only need to enter ‘how to’ as your search term.

This may be a handy marketing tool. It is similar to Google Search Console and Google Trends. It has more insight your YouTube channel’s traffic. And it gives you ideas on how to optimize content efforts to line up with these trends.

YouTube says the initial rollout will have data that fuels its search trends info. It will only add search activity from users in Australia, Canada, India, the UK and the US.

The platform will expand to more regions shortly. Still, even if you do not live in those markets, the insights could still indicate broader interest in the app.

YouTube says the full Search Insights rollout should be done by the end of April.

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Author: Francis Rey

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