YouTube rolls out new creator tool that turns YouTube videos into Shorts

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YouTube wants to compete big-time with TikTok. The streaming service owned by Google is rolling out a new creator tool that will turn your existing YouTube videos into Shorts in only a couple of seconds.

The new update is available on the YouTube mobile app, and allows a creator to easily select a segment of any video previously uploaded to be published as YouTube Shorts content.

YouTube is already doing something a bit similar with your uploaded vertical videos under 60 seconds—they are already being converted to Short videos. Now, YouTube wants to enable creators to help build out the Shorts library with the launch of its new tool. Creators will now be able to clip interesting bits from their longer videos and turn them into Shorts.

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Clearly, YouTube’s latest move is driven by the pressure coming from TikTok; an app that is virtually dominating the market. YouTube of course, still control a respectable percentage of the streaming market—but consumers are gradually moving towards short form videos these days.

In April, YouTube began rolling out a video “remixing” feature to YouTube Shorts. Remixing is one of the popular features that attracts heavy usage on TikTok; and it is a smart move by YouTube. Remixing will allow YouTube Shorts creators to easily cut a tone to five-second video clip out of any YouTube video.

Shorts can also be cut out from other Shorts, and be included in their original Shorts video creation. The feature is a popular one among those who are familiar with TikTok. TikTok has a similar feature called stitching, which has helped in the creation of viral reaction videos on the platform.

To get started, simply tap the “Create” on any eligible YouTube video while using the YouTube mobile app. Next, tap “Cut” from the remix options that appear. Pick the segment you want to cut in the video.

That same April, YouTube began testing app-installs ads and other promotions on Shorts—its short-form video feature. Shorts from YouTube is a short-form video feature launched by the Alphabet-owned streaming site in 2020.

We are experiencing a slight headwind to revenue growth as Shorts viewership grows as a percentage of total YouTube time,” Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said per TechCrunch. “We are testing monetization on shorts, and early advertiser feedback and results are encouraging.”

According to Google, YouTube Shorts is generating massive 30 billion daily views—a record that is four times what it was last year. YouTube hopes to attract creators to Shorts, and in 2021 introduced a $100 million creator funds for the platform.

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