YouTube rolls out Gifted Membership to select channels

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YouTube is adding gifted memberships for select channels. The new feature, which is already rolling out, will allow you to show financial support for your favorite creators and get access to certain perks like emoji. Similar feature exists on Twitch, where users are allowed to buy gift subscriptions for some time.

“Starting tomorrow, we’re excited to bring a beta version of Channel Memberships Gifting to a small group of creators, and over the next several months, we’ll be actively expanding the feature to even more creators — subscribe to this post & we’ll keep you updated on our Memberships Gifting expansion plans!”

The memberships gifting beta, according to YouTube, is restricted to a “small group of creators.” Membership will be expanded to more users in the next couple of months. Channels interested in giving it a try, can do so by filling out this Google Form. Of course, interested channel owners will have to prequalify as there are some criteria to be adhered to.

Memberships gifting explained

Memberships gifting allows your channel members to buy a set numbers of channel memberships [5, 10, 20] in a single purchase, which YouTube will “gift” out to other viewers in your livestream. Viewers who receive a gift membership will get 1 month of access to your channel membership perks like loyalty badges, custom emoji and more. Members who receive gift memberships do not pay any charges and as the creator, you receive your usual revenue share from each transaction.

Last month, YouTube started rolling out a video “remixing” feature to YouTube Shorts. Remixing is one of the popular features that attracts heavy usage on TikTok; and it is a smart move by YouTube. Remixing will allow YouTube Shorts creators to easily cut a tone to five-second video clip out of any YouTube video.

Shorts can also be cut out from other Shorts, and be included in their original Shorts video creation. The feature is a popular one among those who are familiar with TikTok. TikTok has a similar feature called stitching, which has helped in the creation of viral reaction videos on the platform.

To get started, simply tap the “Create” on any eligible YouTube video while using the YouTube mobile app. Next, tap “Cut” from the remix options that appear. Pick the segment you want to cut in the video.

YouTube wants to add a TikTok-like ring indicator that will show users when a channel has gone live. The upcoming feature was announced on Twitter by Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube.

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