YouTube pre-publish Checks tool goes mobile

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First launched on desktop last month, YouTube has decided to bring its pre-publish checks tool to its mobile app. It will be easier for those who upload their content while on the go. And it ensures the content will be suitable to monetize prior posting.

The example above is on desktop. But YouTube’s pre-publish Checks tool examines the content you upload for possible violations before publishing it. And it includes copyright concerns and ad suitability.

The tool helps creators avoid disappointments. And it can be great to be aware of possible copyright infringement and related issues. These problems not only reduce your moneymaking ability, but it can also see your channel incur penalties.

YouTube says the mobile version has some differences.

“Copyright claims will only run once the video has been uploaded and processed on the YouTube main app, and monetization checks will only run once the video has been enabled for monetization on the Studio mobile app,” explains YouTube.

The checks may last longer on mobile. But YouTube has added a new notification step to help.

“If a creator uploads a video and sets it to ‘Public’, they’ll get a notification to consider waiting till the checks are finished. Creators will also be able to switch on notifications to let them know when checks have been completed, so they can then action the clip,” adds YouTube.

Pre-publish checks will not arrive for Shorts, as these are short video content only. It will only be rolled out for those in the YouTube Partner Program.

The mobile version is a handy tool. And most creators have found value in the notifications in the desktop app. Now, you can get the same info on mobile. It streamlines the creation and upload.

YouTube says pre-publish Checks will arrive to mobile users in the coming weeks.

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Author: Francis Rey

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