YouTube Music’s mood filters are now available on the web

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YouTube Music has brought mood filters to the web after over two years since the activity tab was launched. The activity bar has various moods to tune what appears in your Home feed.

You can now locate it on web; and just like on tablets, the new addition is aligned to the left and appears beneath the app par where you switch between Home, Explore, Library, and Search. As per 9to5google, pill-shaped buttons, instead of the usual rectangles with rounded corners are used for a less Material You design.

You can choose from the options available, and YouTube Music will choose a music that matches your mood.

In other news, YouTube Music might soon let you create a custom radio; and this is in addition to the fact that you can already customize your current queue by familiarity, genre, mood, energy level, and more from the Now Playing screen.

The new feature is still being tested as part of a limited rollout. Some YouTube Music users, according to the report, are already seeing the “Create a radio” appear in the main feed. The addition is designed to “tune your music,” a grid of artists for you to select appears next in a fashion that is similar to YouTube Music’s initial setup process. You can pick from multiple artists to influence the outcome.

After your selection, YouTube Music lets you pick from three “Song selection” options: Familiar, Blend, and Discover. Similarly, “Filters” include: Popular, Deep cuts, New releases, Pump-up, Chill, Upbeat, Downbeat, and Focus.

Once you are done, a YouTube Music Radio playlist with the following description will be presented: “Endless music customization for you. Always updating.”

We expect a wider roll out in the very near future, which adds a new advanced level of customization compared to what the service normally offers to its users.

A couple of weeks ago, users on YouTube Music started enjoying a new UI with time-synced lyrics reminiscent of Apple Music’s lyrics UI. Album art shifts to the left when the lyrics are displayed. This makes it possible to prominently see the lyrics in the right-hand side.

It is interesting to note that though the background is blurred album art, the lyrics are synced with the music.

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