YouTube Music is Testing Live Lyrics with New Casting UI

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YouTube Music Live Lyrics

YouTube Music offers a good experience when it comes to streaming your favorite music. It’s not as popular as Spotify and Apple Music. However, it offers a lot of perks that you can’t find on other popular services. 

Recently, YouTube Music is introducing a new update to some users. They are now enjoying a new UI with time-synced lyrics reminiscent of Apple Music’s lyrics UI. 

When the lyrics are shown, the album art shifts to the left. Thus, you’ll see the lyrics prominently on the right-hand side. 

The background is blurred album art. The most important thing is that the lyrics are synchronized with the music. 

Exclusive to Casting Environment

This is a welcome addition considering that the app does not offer it previously when you view lyrics on a tablet or a smartphone. At this time, this feature is exclusive to a casting environment. 

However, this feature is not yet available to all users. It may take time for YouTube to make it available to more users. It’s also interesting to know when it can be accessed without casting. 

In October, YouTube Music promised its users to expect more features related to lyrics in the future. It followed after a deal with MusicMatch to increase coverage. 

Since it launched, Google saw a huge increase in lyrics consumption. Most users said that they want YouTube Music to improve lyrics when they were polled. 

There are other exciting features already released by YouTube Music. 

For instance, it just widely introduced private listening stats for the last 7 days. You can access it by tapping your profile. Then, choose Your Channel. 

The page was home to Your Recaps. However, it has new sections for Songs, Playlists, and Artists, as well as Music Videos on repeat. 

The stats are based on your listening history across YouTube platforms

Google also optimized song radio recommendations to add more artists. The recommendations will consider repetition and relevance. 

YouTube Music is definitely getting better. It has unique features and appeals to different users. The best music streaming service will depend on your needs and preferences. YouTube Music has a large selection of songs and albums. But Apple Music has a slightly larger library because it includes music from iTunes and streaming content. 

As for the price, YM has subscription plans, just like other music streaming services. But YM has a lower starting price than Apple Music. Unfortunately, the lower tier doesn’t include access to original content or live radio. 

You can also listen to music offline through YouTube Music. 

And one other thing, YouTube Music lets you create a radio for your main feed. It tunes your music, which is a grid of artists for you to pick next in an experience similar to YouTube Music’s first setup process. You can pick several artists to affect the outcome. 

Once you made a choice, the app allows you to pick from three Song selections. 

The custom radio station can be added to your library so you’ll have an endless playlist that will be updated by the algorithm according to your specifications. However, you can’t name the custom radio for now. 

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