YouTube Music gains support as the default media player in Google Maps


The great thing about Google apps is that they always get a lot of updates; and of course, they can easily be integrated with one another. It will interest you to know that YouTube Music is now supported within the Google Maps app. What that means is that you can now use YouTube Music as the official media app within Maps.

The functionality is easy to set up—and you can do just that within a couple of minutes within the Map’s navigation mode. Open Map’s Settings -> Navigation settings, and turn on Show media playback controls, then set the Default media app to YouTube Music. Just that you know, adding YouTube Music to the Navigation settings swells the existing lists to four; with Google Play Music, Spotify, and Apple Music already on that list.

Per Android Police, a new floating button with the YouTube Music logo will appear as soon as you start driving. You can tap this floating button to get the playback control on the bottom of the screen.


This new change now allows you to see your navigation instructions and change any of the drive’s settings. You are also able to see your currently-playing song while being able to play/pause/skip/rewind within the same screen. To help you quickly switch without opening the full app, all you need to do is to tap ‘Browse,’ which shows a list of the last nine things [such as albums, songs, artists] you have played on YouTube Music.

You may, however, need to update the version of your Maps to 10.43.2 beta to access the new YouTube Music support. Of course, you can visit the Play Store to get that done right away—support for the app [YouTube Music] is already available for everyone.

In 2019, Google announced that YouTube Music will come preinstalled on Android. The company said this will be the case going forward for devices that run Android 10 out of the box. That also means YouTube Music will now take the place of Google Play Music on your device.

Users have had to download YouTube Music as a separate app from the Play Store. Newer versions of Android 9 Pie will also get the app bundled into their devices in the near future.

On your new device, simply look for the YouTube Music icon and start listening. That is for Android 10; but not to worry if you don’t have the latest version of the OS because you can download YouTube Music on the Play Store and start using the app. YouTube Music is dedicated solely for music—including songs, albums, playlists and artist radio. The service also offers catalog of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos.

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