YouTube Makes It Difficult for Scammers to Masquerade as Established Channels

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YouTube announced changes on the platform to fight the bad actors. 

Addressing Concerns on the Platform

Spam is getting worse on YouTube and other social media platforms. YouTube is making grand changes to fight against spammers. The changes will make it harder for the bad actors to imitate the established channels. 

One of these changes is that YouTube channels can no longer conceal their subscriber counts. The company believes that hiding subscriber number is the easiest way for spammers to impersonate larger channels. 

Not all creators who wish to hide their subscriber counts are spammers. They just want to conceal the count as they grow. But YouTube believes that the ability to hide subscriber count will only encourage impersonators and deceive people. 

This change may irritate some creators because YouTube is withdrawing the option to hide the count. However, the company is pushing it. 

Character Restrictions 

Another measure that YouTube will implement is adding restrictions on using special characters on channel names. In that case, you can’t use some special characters. However, you can still employ permitted weird characters. 

YouTube doesn’t want you to spell out your channel name in special characters. It is a common spam tactic used by bad actors. 

Many spam accounts impersonate established channels by simply changing one or two characters. You might think that the channel you are viewing is the established one. But if you take a look at the channel’s name, you can spot the difference. 

Strictness in Comment Moderator 

Creators can use this feature that will aggressively filter out comments. It may probably eliminate identity abuse and spammy stuff that choke the platform. 

Several massive creators made videos that underline the hordes of bad actors spamming their channels with comments. And the new option may curb spam comments. 

Spam comments not only affect creators but also disturb the user experience. Creators can look for opinions in their comment sections to find spam remarks. But this method is painful. With the latest option, it can aggressively block or eliminate spam comments that include links and giveaways. 

Another way to curb spam comments is to report them. The platform will check the comment to find out if it violates the guidelines. But it can take 24 hours for the platform’s staff to process the report. The new option will potentially minimize this issue. Or creators can just hold all comments for review. 

Creators can also let other users browse through their comment section and give them the right to report inappropriate comments. 

All these changes are still in their experimental stages. The company will keep an eye on how the changes affect or improve the fight against spammers. But it promises to continue curbing spam and impersonation on the platform. 

However, if you, as the creator, do not want to deal with spam comments anymore, you might consider turning off commentaries. Many popular channels use this tactic, especially for controversial videos. Creators hope that the changes will significantly reduce spam comments and impersonators.

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Author: Jane Danes

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