YouTube launches ‘New to You’ recommendations

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YouTube’s has rolled out a new feature called New to You. Designed for users to see content from unviewed channels, the feature pushes videos aligned with the users’ interests using their past viewing behavior.

youtube new to you

New to You maximizes viewer engagement. And it may help creators reach their target audience through new exposure.

YouTube mobile app users will soon see New to You prompts on their Explore recommendations.

If you tap the option, you will land on a list of videos outside of the regular recommendations. It extends from the regular Explore lists.

youtube new to you

“Explore helps viewers on YouTube discover content in specific verticals, like Gaming or Beauty, or content that’s trending worldwide, but it’s not necessarily personalized to them. in other words, it doesn’t take their specific interests into account. But New to You is unique in that it is personalized to the viewer. So we try to take a balance between things we think you might be interested in plus things that are a bit further afield of what you’d typically watch,” explains YouTube.

Use case

Although like Explore, the feature offers new channels and creators to each user. And it aligns to their usage behavior and interests.

It could help viewers discover new channels and niche interests. For YouTube, it keeps the users spending longer hours on the platform. For creators, it helps gain more exposure to viewers who will most likely take interest in their content. Else, these viewers would not have found them.

How useful and effective New to You is boils down to how efficient YouTube’s algorithm is in deciphering viewer trends and habits. It must highlight the right, new content from those parameters.

If the algorithm can showcase good content you never would have thought of, it may be a valuable addition. If the recommendations are inaccurate and erroneous, viewers may stop tapping the feature moving forward.

Yet, this is an exciting new option. With a flood of content to choose from, YouTube must start recommending new, relevant content to users. And it must use its full catalog if possible.

Let’s hope that the next headline will not read as “Users radicalized after finding a conspiracy when they tapped YouTube’s New to You feature.”

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Author: Francis Rey

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