YouTube is testing new way for creators to appeal channel suspension

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Image Credit: The Verge

YouTube wants to give creators who feel they have a reason or two to believe that their channels were suspended in error to appeal such decision. The Google-owned streaming site is testing a new feature that will let such creators upload the affected video for a review.

The company said its policy team will take a second look at such video, and review the channel with the “shared context in mind.” If the YouTube policy team is satisfied with your appeal, the suspension will be lifted. “If your appeal shows how your channel complies with our policies, we will turn monetization back on for your channel before the end of the 30 day suspension window.”

The test is also part of effort towards providing more information on why a channel was suspended and provide clarity where necessary. YouTube’s policies can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand, and this latest effort could help improve the relationship the streaming site has with its users—creators in particular.

Only a small percentage of YouTube creators can access the test for now; hopefully this could change as the need arises—especially if the change makes it to a global launch.

YouTube became the latest social media platform to add a warning prompt to its platform when last week it announced a new way to help it keep the platform free from offensive comments.

A new prompt, according to YouTube, is being added to warn people when they are about to post any comment that “may be offensive to others.” This, according to YouTube, is to give people an opportunity to rethink before hitting the “post” button. The prompt however, will not stop people from going ahead to post the suspected comment, but will at least remind them that such had been an issue before.

Prompt will not appear before every comment, but will definitely appear for ones that the YouTube system deems offensive. This of course, would be based on content that has been reported on a number of times in the past. The choice of whether to go ahead and post the comment or take a little more time to ponder and edit it is up to the user.

Creators too are not left out; YouTube is adding more efficient content filtering systems in YouTube Studio. The new filter, according to YouTube, will seek out hurtful comments that were automatically flagged and held for review, and get rid of them from the queue so people do not get to read them.

“We know that comments play a key role in helping creators connect with their community, but issues with the quality of comments is also one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we receive from creators. We have been focused on improving comments with the goal of driving healthier conversations on YouTube,” YouTube wrote in a blog post.

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