YouTube is testing new feature to help creators earn more money

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A new feature that help creators earn more money through donations from users is being tested by YouTube. The feature officially called “viewer applause,” will let users purchase a clapping animation that will appear over the video they are choosing to support. The animation, per The Verge, will only appear privately to the buyer; and is currently only available as a beta.

At the moment, creators would require an invite from YouTube in order to be able to use or test the feature. Confirming the feature to The Verge, YouTube said viewer applause is currently still at its early stage of test, but will serve as a potential way for creators on the platform to make some money off their videos.

For those who have access to the new feature, what they need to do is to go into their dashboard and activate the option. Fans on the other hand, will see the option to support a creator by simply clicking on an icon nestled in beside the like and dislike buttons.

YouTube in a blog post said: You may be able to buy Viewer applause on participating creators’ videos and show your support for YouTube channels. When you buy Viewer applause, you’re purchasing a one-time “clapping” animation that will only be shown to you over the top of the video. 

Viewer applause is currently only available in Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States via the desktop site.

In 2019, the video streaming site opened up its Super Stickers to certain categories of creators globally. Creators with a minimum or more than 1,000 subscribers in select market can now have additional way to make extra revenue from the Google owned site.

Super Stickers, are targeted at fans with desire to show their support and connect with favorite creators, and is similar to Super Chat that was launched by YouTube almost three years ago.

Super Stickers according to YouTube, would span different categories including gaming, fashion, beauty, sports, music, food and many more. Eight unique Super Stickers are currently being offered, out of which five are animated including unique bios.

YouTube announced Super Stickers at an event to launch its new products like channel memberships, merchandise shelves, premieres and more sometimes in July 2019. The streaming site used the occasion to expand existing options with new features, while new products including Super Stickers and Learning Playlists are also being added.

YouTube is introducing Super Stickers as a way of building on the successes of Super Chats, which was launched in 2017. According to the company,” Super Chat is now the number one revenue stream on YouTube for nearly 20,000 channels – an increase of over 65% over last year.”YouTube, Creators

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