YouTube is testing an ‘Explore’ tab to help you find new videos

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A new tab is being tested by YouTube that will help you extend your viewing habits on the video-streaming website. Called the ‘Explore’ tab according to CNET, the new feature will help you find new videos and channels.

The tab or feature will act as a guide to help you find latest videos and channels, and will appear at the bottom of the app’s home screen for very few selected users. As a matter of fact, CNET reports that only 1 percent of users of the app on iOS will have access to Explore. Tom Leung, company director in charge of product management at YouTube in a broadcast said:

Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos or channels that you might not otherwise encounter. But they’re still personalized, so they’re still based on your viewing activity.”

It should be a welcome development for creators as it will boost their growth and help them earn more in terms of monetization. Leung himself confirmed this, adding that Explore could help people have access to a wide array of content. No further information as to when how long the test would last, but things are expected to unfold in the foreseeable future.

YouTube seems to be doing a lot to win back creators who felt bad about the way they were treated by the Google subsidiary some months back. Many creators left the video-streaming site to search for other platforms that could properly cater to their needs.

Just last week, YouTube launched a new tool to help creators track re-uploaded content. “Copyright Match tool,” the name of the tool, will help creators protect their content online.

YouTube said the tool was borne out of the need to help creators protect their works. This is in response to calls from creators to end reposting of videos without giving credit to original owners. As a matter of fact, it is so frustrating to find out that a video you put in so much work in is being reposted by someone else. Going forward, YouTube says it will provide the necessary tools to help creators track down such videos.

YouTube will scan other videos uploaded to its platform as soon as you have finished uploading yours. This will enable the website to see if any previously uploaded video match what you have uploaded. When there is a match according to YouTube, you will see the “matches” tab in the tool and you can decide what next to do.

You can decide what next to do once the tool informs you that a similar video is also available on the platform. If you are the first person to upload the video, you could decide to ignore without taking further action, or request that the YouTube video be removed.

When you request removal you can do so with or without a 7-day delay to allow the uploader to correct the issue themselves. Takedown requests will be reviewed to make sure they comply with YouTube’s copyright policies.”

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