YouTube is testing a new section for upcoming content subscriptions


A new section for upcoming content subscriptions is being tested by streaming giant YouTube. The company announced this via its official blog on Monday in a move that will make it easier to when your favorite channel will be live. What this means is that you may no longer need to scroll through your front page or subscriptions to see who is currently online. Once the feature goes live, you will be able to find upcoming live content and premieres with ease.

“We want to make it easier for you to find upcoming content (scheduled live streams and Premieres) from channels you are subscribed to” an employee of YouTube wrote in the blog post.

“Upcoming live and premieres” is being added to the subscriptions feed, and will show content separately from the latest uploads that usually appear in the subs feed. YouTube explained in the blog post that Upcoming live streams and Premieres from the channels you are subscribed to will be sorted in reverse chronological order. What that means is that live streams and Premiers happening soonest will be placed first while the ones scheduled for later will follow after.

You will also be able to set reminders for upcoming streams and Premieres by simply clicking the bell. This will enable the automatic reminder when the stream or Premieres are live. The Google-owned streaming company said the test is currently only limited to the desktop version as well as to a handful of users.

A couple of months ago, YouTube launched a new feature that makes it easier for you to skip to the exact place you want to get to. With “chapters,” you will be able to skip to the precise place you want to watch in a video; just like in a book.

As described by The Verge, chapters on desktop would not look too different from how videos have always been. You will barely notice the biggest change made by YouTube—the bar used to indicate video progress will have little black breaks in it to indicate where each chapter ends and a new one begins. You will, however, see the title of the chapter in a section when you place your mouse over it.

Chapters is for every creator, and there is actually no limit on which videos can get chapters. Lately Google has been integrating machine learning into its service; unfortunately, though, there is an exception to this one. So, if you are a creator, you may have to use a third-party timestamp to describe your video—this makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your videos with ease.

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