YouTube is experimenting with generative AI features

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Two new experimental AI features that are only accessible to premium subscribers are being tested, according to YouTube. According to the streaming behemoth, the test will soon be available to premium users, who will be able to use chatbots that respond to their inquiries about the content they are watching and AI-generated comment summaries.

Users will have to choose whether or not to use the feature by default. This implies that they will not be visible to non-premium users.

“To help you easily understand and participate in comment conversations, we’re experimenting with AI that organizes large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes. If you’re part of this experiment, when you open the comment section on mobile, you’ll see a new option to sort by Topics on some videos.”

How it works

The new summaries driven by AI will group comments into themes that are simple for users to understand. To see the full list of related comments, simply tap the topic.

Subscribers to YouTube Premium can choose to enable the comment summarizer on the YouTube experiment page starting today. Yet, the massive streaming service claimed that not all videos will have the “Topics” option available to users.

YouTube is also experimenting with a new Community Notes feed for Channels in the mobile app. 

We’ve heard that YouTube users are looking for more ways to find Community posts from creators, so we’re experimenting with a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab on mobile devices. If you’re in the experiment, you may see a “View all” button on single Community posts on Home, which you can tap to view more posts from channels you’ve engaged with in the past or posts that we think you may like.”

In essence, YouTube is creating a Twitter-like update feed within its platform. Posts from channels you follow as well as channels you might find interesting will be included in this.

This might be useful as an additional strategy for channel managers to interact with and inform their audience in the event of additional updates.

According to YouTube, the new Community Notes are currently being tested on Android and iOS with a sizable audience. However, the business did not state a specific date for when the feature would be accessible to more people.  

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Author: Ola Ric

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