YouTube is experimenting with a new Community Notes feed

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It is not out of place for social media and tech companies to test new products. YouTube has announced that it is experimenting with a new Community Notes feed for Channels in the mobile app.

We’ve heard that YouTube users are looking for more ways to find Community posts from creators, so we’re experimenting with a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab on mobile devices. If you’re in the experiment, you may see a “View all” button on single Community posts on Home, which you can tap to view more posts from channels you’ve engaged with in the past or posts that we think you may like.”

In essence, YouTube is creating a Twitter-like update feed within its platform. Posts from channels you follow as well as channels you might find interesting will be included in this.

This might be useful as an additional strategy for channel managers to interact with and inform their audience in the event of additional updates.

According to YouTube, the new Community Notes are currently being tested on Android and iOS with a sizable audience. However, the business did not state a specific date for when the feature would be accessible to more people.

A couple of weeks ago, YouTube introduced a new insights feature within YouTube Studio for creators. The new element will allow creators to see how many clips have been created from their uploads and how many views those clips have generated. 

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan posted a screenshot of what the new insights feature looks like on his Twitter page. Creators will now see a full list of the clips cut from their content, along with who created them, when they were created, and the total views each has generated.

The new component might aid in better planning and increase the appeal of content creators’ work. They will be able to determine which sections of their videos are attracting the most interest from viewers as a result.

Regarding creators, YouTube released additional creator tools in August to help Shorts compete with TikTok.

A number of creation tools for Shorts were made available by YouTube prior to the update. As a follow-up to that, the company has now released additional creation tools.


This feature allows users to record short-term videos in a split-screen format with other Shorts or regular clips. To create a Collab video as a Short creator, simply hit Remix and then choose the new format.

Additionally, YouTube is introducing a tool that enables users to quickly remix and build upon pre-existing Shorts. A creator only needs to tap the Remix button and select “use sound” in the Shorts player for the audio and effect used in the clip they just watched to surface automatically. Creators can then add sound and effects to their own posts after that.

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