YouTube hands users more tools to fight copyright violations

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Copyright violation on YouTube and other platforms is a serious issue—one that continues to haunt everyone. Over the years, YouTube and its parent company Google have empowered content providers with various tools to deal with the menace. To further empower content providers and fight copyright infringement, YouTube has added a few more tools to its platform.

The update, which also allows you to detect potential IP infringements within the app, is available to all users. a new element has been added in the copyright claim process that enables you to tick a new box when reporting a copyright violation. This will enable you to prevent copies of your videos from appearing on YouTube going forward in the detection/removal option.

Once the box is checked on a successful copyright infringement claim, YouTube will then work to prevent other users from uploading that same video by using a Copyright ID detection and video matching technology. Other creators will also be alerted when any content similar to it is being uploaded as long as the box is checked.

It is however, important to ensure that you own exclusive worldwide rights to any video content being claimed in the process. That said, if the content is owned by you and you want to stop others from uploading different versions, and reusing your materials, then the new process will give you access to other measures to protect misuse.

YouTube is also providing you with an insight on how effective the tool is by adding a listing of the number of videos that have been blocked from being uploaded as a result of your claim.

To prevent or discourage users from abusing the tool, YouTube said it will remove the tool from those channels. The video-streaming site may also move to delete channels owned by violators.

A couple of days ago, YouTube

launched a slew of new tools to help creators to analyze the performances of their channels and uploaded videos. The tools can also be used by creators to have an insight into channel membership growth, specific revenue impact, and many more.

Member’s insight: this tool displays both total and active members over a chosen period. Creators who want to know how their membership evolve overtime will find this tool useful. It will also be useful when it comes to knowing which of their videos helped them to gain or lose more members than normal.

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