YouTube updates Google Preferred P-Score algorithm, offers Originals for free

YouTube has updated its ad offerings, including premium video content Originals, at its 8th annual Brandcast event.

The video-streaming company has outlined changes to Google Preferred offerings. It wants to help advertisers tap key, trending content and optimize ad campaigns.

YouTube will update its Preference Score (P-Score) algorithm to do this.

“Our proprietary algorithm, the P-Score, looks at the popularity and viewer passion of specific content – things like the amount of repeat views and how often videos are shared, to keep Google Preferred Lineups fresh. It also draws on protection, which places a greater emphasis on content suitability where Google Preferred Lineup ads will only serve on videos that are reviewed first by machine classifiers, then verified by humans,” said YouTube.


Controversies about policing posts with extremist content have critiqued YouTube’s decisions in placing ads.

Brand safety

With that in mind, the company wants to focus on brand safety. And the updated ‘P-Score’ will help brands maximize their YouTube ad efforts.

At Brandcast, YouTube said it will add more elements to the P-Score process.

“Tonight, we shared that we’re adding two new ways to help the P-Score be even more useful to brands. There’s platform (for videos frequently watched on larger screens) and production (for content that has higher production values like advanced camera work or sound quality) to bring more high-quality inventory into Google Preferred,” it added.

YouTube highlighted its rising usage on home TV sets, with connected TVs as its fastest growing surface.

Connected TV watch time has passed the 250 million hours per day mark. This opens a big opportunity for brands to tap traditional TV ads at YouTube ad prices.

YouTube started allowing advertisers to target connected TV viewers in October 2018.

Plans for content

For content, YouTube said it plans to broadcast more music festivals, after the success of the Coachella livestream.

Also, all YouTube Original series and specials are now available to watch for free with ads, like any YouTube content.

Reports for changes to the Originals series offering emerged in November. And YouTube has finally made it official. No specific date of effectivity yet though.

With Originals for free viewing, rather than through paid subscriptions, YouTube can monetize it better through audience scale.

YouTube also announced changes to its audience verification systems so advertisers have assurance of its data, with support for Nielsen Total Ad Ratings (TAR).

The company says this new process will let brands compare YouTube and TV reach “apples-to-apples”.

YouTube still is a key platform for advertisers.

The rising consumption of YouTube content on home TV sets offers growing opportunities to reach and connect with target audiences.

If your brand invests in video content, YouTube has to be atop your list, especially with these changes highlighting its rising potential.

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