YouTube gives creators new way to deal with copyright issues

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YouTube has announced a new tool that will sort of put creators in the driving seat when it comes to addressing issues that have to do with copyrights. With the new update, creators will now be able to address copyright issues directly from their digital back-end workspace. They [creators] will have the option to trim out the alleged content.

In a blog post announcing a couple of new tools, Google said the “Assisted Trim” option, which is being rolled out along with the new Studio update, will allow creators to “trim out copyrighted content claimed by Content ID in your video which automatically releases the claim.” Work is already in progress to allow for adjustable endpoints so that creators can cut out the specific portion of their video that matters the most.

A new filter in the Videos page that allows creators to see which of their content has been impacted by Copyright strikes or Content ID claims has also been added. Simply click on Copyright claims in the filter to get started. Google said it has “also added a new ‘Restrictions’ column on the Videos page that provides a more defined entry point for finding details about copyright issues on your video.


We’re also providing more transparency about the content of the copyright takedown than ever before, now surfacing the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice,” YouTube said in the blog post.

In 2018, YouTube announced some measures to help creators protect their works by launching what it calls “Copyright Match tool.” YouTube said the tool was borne out of the need to help creators protect their works. This is in response to calls from creators to end reposting of videos without giving credit to original owners. As a matter of fact, it is so frustrating to find out that a video you put in so much work in is being reposted by someone else. Going forward, YouTube says it will provide the necessary tools to help creators track down such videos.

YouTube will scan other videos uploaded to its platform as soon as you have finished uploading yours. This will enable the website to see if any previously uploaded video match what you have uploaded. When there is a match according to YouTube, you will see the “matches” tab in the tool and you can decide what next to do.

You can decide what next to do once the tool informs you that a similar video is also available on the platform. If you are the first person to upload the video, you could decide to ignore without taking further action, or request that the YouTube video be removed.

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Author: Ola Ric

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