YouTube Extends Trump Ban for Another Week

YouTube suspended Trump’s channel last week for 7 days. The ban would have lifted on Tuesday. But YouTube decided to extend it for another week. Will the video-sharing site terminate his account? 

Although YouTube extended Trump’s ban, it won’t terminate it. The only time his account will be terminated is when he’ll violate the company’s terms three times in 90 days. 

Temporary Suspension 

In that case, Trump can’t upload new videos to his channel for another 7 days. However, you can still access his existing videos.

The reason YouTube suspended Trump’s channel was that it violated the platform’s policy against inciting violence. 

When Congress started to certify Biden’s victory on January 6, Trump’s supporters stormed to the US Capitol. 

The extension of the ban comes ahead of Inauguration Day. Trump will leave the White House and Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next commander in chief for the next four years. 

Because of the potential of organized violence, social media companies and law enforcement are preparing. For social media companies, it means suspending Trump’s accounts and some of his supporters’ accounts. 

Trump Challenging November’s Election Results

Trump has been using social media to challenge the results of last year’s election. And social media companies failed to take action in advance, resulting in Trump’s supporters planning openly for the January 6 event. 

Some activists are threatening to boycott the video-sharing platform if it won’t ban Trump’s channel permanently. 

Twitter, on the other hand, permanently banned Trump. 

YouTube said that Trump’s account is being treated the same way as any other user. It means that it will only permanently ban his account if he violates the policies three times in 90 days. 

Trump received one strike. 

However, Trump managed to upload his farewell video through the White House’s YT channel. 

Although this channel has fewer subscribers, it’s still active and not banned. 

Do These Companies Have the Right to Silence the President and the Masses? 

Sadly, yes. 

The free speech protections in the FA of the Constitution of the US only applies to federal and state action. 

It doesn’t protect you if a private entity will censor you. Since Twitter and Facebook are private entities, they can have their own rules. 

Thus, they can expurgate content that violates their policies. And it means it includes the US President’s account. 

If you use their platforms, you need to abide by their rules. Now, if you don’t like their policies, you’re free to leave. 

But many Americans are worried about the power and influence of these big tech companies. 

Amazon, Facebook, and Google are getting bigger. They expanded their reach through mergers and acquisitions. 

That’s why the House Judiciary Committed investigated the business practices of these tech companies. The Department of Justice is also investigating the anti-competitive practices of Google. 

Many Americans now want new laws and regulations to stop these companies from becoming too powerful. If the government won’t stop them, they can easily bully their competitors out of the market. They can also control the narrative.

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