YouTube Dark Mode for mobile is finally here

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Finally, YouTube has rolled out its dark theme for Android. The dark mode was only made available to handful of lucky users last July, but is now widely available to everyone on the Android version of the app.

Android Police reports that the feature is now being rolled out to users, and all that is required is for an upgrade to the latest version of the app— 13.35.51. Once the version of the app on your Android phone is upgraded to the latest one, you should be able to access the dark mode. You can download the latest version from the Play Store or get the installer to sideload from APK Mirror and start using it right away.

Once you have upgraded the version of the app to the latest one, simply tap the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen in the YouTube app, go to Settings > General, and then flip the switch on the Dark theme option.

In case the dark theme option failed to show up after installing the latest version, try closing the app from the list of running apps on your phone and restart YouTube. This should do it, but in case you still can’t find it, then you might have to wait a little while or change your location.

The desktop version of dark mode was launched sometimes in 2017, and became instantly popular among users and visitors to the website. At the time, many people thought it won’t be long until the mobile version was added, but that was not to be until last March when Google launched the iOS version.

Dark mode is preferred by many users because of its many benefits. For example, viewing YouTube in a room with dim light does not leave any strain on your eye. It is very unlike the usual way of watching YouTube, especially in an apartment where there is no light or the light is dim.

Dark mode, according to YouTube, is designed to “cut down” on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch. It [Dark Theme] turns your background dark, and enriches your YouTube experience.

Another Google app Android Messages welcomed dark mode just last week, and is catching up with millions of users.

The new Material Theme, which is stark white in color, has lighter secondary colors conversation bubbles while the avatar icons have now been changed to make them bolder.

As against the black backdrop, text, text, buttons, and icons now appear in white color. The Smart Reply chips now uses black text on white bubbles, but that could just be temporary. You can enable the dark mode by going to settings to switch a toggle.

Dark Mode as a feature is being embraced by many app developers. In the recent past, Twitter and YouTube had both upgraded their apps, and users were excited.

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