YouTube could soon let you download videos from your browser

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Image Credit: Android Police

Excited about the headline? You should actually! YouTube could soon let you download videos from its website. This means you can download videos from YouTube using a third-party websites.

The test is for premium members, and is only available for a limited time. It means you must hurry up if you want a piece of the action. An Android Police tipster who lives in India discovered the experimental feature.

The experiment is not limited to India though; Android Police reports that premium members in other countries also have access to it. You can get access to the experiment by visiting where you can check the Labs page while signed in.

You can download a video by going to the video page and clicking on the Download button on the toolbar under the title. To play back downloaded video, simple go to This is also available on the side navigation panel.

You have until October 19 to get access to the experimental feature. You can choose from different qualities with 1080p as the most. It remains an experimental feature for now, but that could change.

In august, YouTube confirmed to TechCrunch that its popular Picture-in-Picture mode is coming to iOS.

YouTube users in the US will be able to start using the Picture-in-Picture mode on both iPhone and iPad probably after October 31—the date the experiment will come to an end.

Premium subscribers who want to try the feature must enable the ability to test it via the YouTube experiments website on the desktop. Of course, the feature will work on mobile, but it can only be enabled on desktop.

Once you scroll down on the experiments website, you will see “Picture-in picture on iOS” with the option to try it. When you watch a video on the YouTube app, you will see a picture-in-picture display of the video when you exit the app.

In Picture-in-Picture mode, you will be able to adjust where the video appears on your screen as well as how big it is. A tap on the video returns you to the YouTube app. The video will, however pause when you lock your phone.

TechCrunch adds that the feature is different from the existing Picture-in-Picture feature on the YouTube iOS app. The new Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to continue watching a video even while navigating elsewhere on your phone.

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