YouTube and Arizona University launch in-app Crash course for users

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YouTube has collaborated with the Arizona University to launch an in-app Crash Course for users. The YouTube’s new ‘Study Hall’ initiative is designed to make college education more readily available to everyone. This will be possible through explainers on the higher education process, along with preparatory courses and elements; these, according to YouTube, can eventually lead to an actual course.

Study Hall is a new approach that demystifies the college process while creating an affordable and accessible onramp to earning college credit. A postsecondary education drives economic and social mobility in powerful ways, yet the path to higher education can be riddled with barriers, including high cost and accessibility. We’re hoping to change that with Study Hall.”

Head on to to sign up as a prospective student for the initial ‘College Foundation’ courses that will commence on March 7th, and will offer eligibility for transit credit.

This suite encompasses the most common first-year college courses at many higher-education institutions: English Composition, College Math, US History and Human Communication. Developed and taught by the same faculty who conduct research and teach students on ASU’s campuses, the lessons combine ASU’s academic excellence with Crash Courses’s compelling storytelling — all on YouTube’s wide-reaching platform. Anyone can get started — no applications or minimum GPAs needed.”

According to YouTube, there are plans to expand the curriculum by an additional 12 courses over the next two years. This, according to YouTube, will provide more opportunities for more people to move into higher education, in a more friendly, and more self-governed way.  

So, are these courses free? The company said most of the courses are going to be available for free. However, YouTube will charge a $25 fee if the participant chooses to undertake coursework.

The company, however, adds that leaners who register before March 7th 2023, will have special some discounts.

Learners who register before March 7, 2023 will receive special scholarship pricing of $350 per course — less than one-third of the average course cost at a public four-year university for in-state students and nearly 90% lower than the average course cost of a private four-year university.* Each course can be taken as often as needed until the learner is satisfied with their grade. This credit can then be used at any of the hundreds of institutions that accept credits from ASU.”

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