YouTube adds one of TikTok’s popular features to YouTube Shorts

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YouTube has started rolling out a video “remixing” feature to YouTube Shorts. Remixing is one of the popular features that attracts heavy usage on TikTok; and it is a smart move by YouTube. Remixing will allow YouTube Shorts creators to easily cut a tone to five-second video clip out of any YouTube video.

Shorts can also be cut out from other Shorts, and be included in their original Shorts video creation, according to Mashable. The feature is a popular one among those who are familiar with TikTok. TikTok has a similar feature called stitching, which has helped in the creation of viral reaction videos on the platform.

To get started, simply tap the “Create” on any eligible YouTube video while using the YouTube mobile app. Next, tap “Cut” from the remix options that appear. Pick the segment you want to cut in the video.

In other related news, YouTube wants to add a TikTok-like ring indicator that will show users when a channel has gone live. The upcoming feature was announced on Twitter by Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube.

The update will show a ring with the word “Live” on it around a channel’s profile picture when they go live. When you tap on it, you will be given straight access into the live broadcast. The feature will make it easier to find current live content as you browse the site.

For those familiar with TikTok, this is one familiar feature that has been a part of the platform for a while. On TikTok, a pulsing ring effect is seen on a channel’s profile picture if they are streaming live. This can be seen when you scroll past their video feed.

A couple of months ago, YouTube started rolling out a remake of its video interface on both iOS and Android. The new interface makes it easier to like or dislike a video, view comments, and share what you are watching. In the previous version, most of these features were hidden behind a swipe-up gesture on the “more videos” section.

The new version only shows up when you are watching a video in full screen. This is, however, not the case when watching a video in portrait mode as the app does not look any different.

It is also now east to access the mode that lets you view comments alongside the video in landscape. The UI of the previous version only allowed you to tap on the comment section while in portrait mode to open it before switching into full-screen mode. With the new version however, you can pull them up by just tapping the comment button.

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