YouTube adds new clip insight for creators

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YouTube has introduced a new insights feature within YouTube Studio for creators. The new element will allow creators to see how many clips have been created from their uploads and how many views those clips have generated. 

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan posted a screenshot of what the new insights feature looks like on his Twitter page. Creators will now see a full list of the clips cut from their content, along with who created them, when they were created, and the total views each has generated.

The new component might aid in better planning and increase the appeal of content creators’ work. They will be able to determine which sections of their videos are attracting the most interest from viewers as a result.

Regarding creators, YouTube released additional creator tools in August to help Shorts compete with TikTok.

Before the update, YouTube released a number of creation tools for Shorts. More creation tools have now been released by the company as a follow-up to that.


This feature allows users to record short-term videos in a split-screen format with other Shorts or regular clips. To create a Collab video as a Short creator, simply hit Remix and then choose the new format.

Additionally, YouTube is introducing a tool that enables users to quickly remix and build upon pre-existing Shorts. A creator only needs to tap the Remix button and select “use sound” in the Shorts player for the audio and effect used in the clip they just watched to surface automatically. Creators can then add sound and effects to their own posts after that.

In order to make it simpler to turn horizontal videos into vertical Shorts, YouTube will soon start testing a new recomposition tool, according to Engadget. The tool will give creators a new way to alter the arrangement, zoom, and crop of the segment they want to use after choosing a video to remix. 

This will make it possible for them to quickly and easily use the new split-screen effect for the video they are recomposing. 

In April, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts, which includes a “remixing” feature for videos. YouTube made a smart choice by including remixing because it is one of the features that TikTok users frequently use. 

Creators of YouTube Shorts will be able to quickly remix any YouTube video and extract a five-second video clip from it.

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Author: Ola Ric

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