YouTube adds a slew of new analytical tools for creators

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YouTube has launched a slew of new tools to help creators analyze the performances of their channels and uploaded videos. The tools can also be used by creators to have an insight into channel membership growth, specific revenue impact, and many more.

Member’s insight: this tool displays both total and active members over a chosen period. Creators who want to know how their membership evolve overtime will find this tool useful. It will also be useful when it comes to knowing which of their videos helped them to gain or lose more members than normal.

When creators come to us and talk to us about memberships, what they typically ask is ‘how do my memberships evolve over time?’, ‘which of my videos helped me win or lose more members than usual?’, and the third is ‘does it help if I remind my audience to become paying member?” YouTube explained per Social Media Today.

Insights on revenue e changes: YouTube is also adding more insights on revenue changes. This new tool will highlight potential shifts by viewer region in terms of revenue.

If revenue is going up, or down, because of the fact that the audience has shifted to a higher or lower CPM country, we’re calling this out,” YouTube further explained in a video.

The video streaming site also added a new post engagement metrics display. This tool will show votes and likes on your channel’s top posts over the last 28 days.

The truth is that most of these tools have been there before—they have only been tweaked here and there to improve how you analyze your channel’s performances on the platform. The tools will help you to align your uploads in accordance to shifts, which will ultimately help to improve your overall performances.

Creators from countries outside the US will soon have taxes withheld from their revenue. In the coming months, creators will have the United States federal income tax deducted from generated revenue by US-based users.

What that means in essence is that all revenues generated from YouTube Premium, Super Stickers, Super Chat, AdSense, and Channel Membership will be taxed at US rates.

International creators will be taxed based on their individual circumstances. To this end, YouTube has asked creators to send in their tax information by the end of May. This will enable the Google-owned streaming company to determine how much tax to withhold. Creators that failed to send in their tax information by that date will have 24 percent deducted from worldwide earnings and not just US.

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