You Can Transform Windows 10 Phone Into a PC!

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In the Build keynote conference 2015, Microsoft has unveiled a new advantage of Windows 10 phones. Dubbed as Continuum for Phones, the feature allows smartphones powered by latest Windows OS to convert into full desktop PCs when connected to big screens- at least you will get a closer experience to that.

Continuum has been helping users to make an easier transition between tablet and PC environments, and the mobile version of the feature makes a stronger sense about Microsoft’s move to universal app strategy. You may already know, universal apps will work across PCs, Xbox, tablets, smartphones and convertibles.

continuum on wp

During the keynote conference, Microsoft showed a demo of using PowerPoint on a phone and large screen. The slide was simultaneously being viewed on the phone’s small screen and the large screen in tablet mode. When Joe Belfiore opened the Outlook app on the phone, it showed the full PC version on the large screen instead. And yes, you can essentially multitask on the phone display instantaneously.

To use Continuum, you need to connect your phone to a monitor. Mouse and keyboard can also be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The phone will instantly adapt with the new input and output devices. Although the large screen interface would not be hundred percent same as the Windows 10 on a desktop or laptop, yet it is interesting and productive because you can get a flavor mostly close to that.

Continuum will be only supported by newer hardware, which means your current Lumia device could not be transformed into a PC. The feature will be launched with Windows 10. But you need to wait until the compatible phones arrive in the market.

Are you excited about Continuum? Let us know your feelings about it. And don’t forget to visit our collection of Windows Phone stories!

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Author: Firdaus

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