X’s new audio and video calling feature exposes your IP address

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X’s new audio and video calling feature has become a source of security concern, with some users complaining that their IP addresses are being exposed.

This seems to be a significant oversight on the part of X’s engineers, and could deter people from using or even turning on the feature.

According to some privacy advocates, the new system exposes each user’s IP address whenever they make a call. The good thing is that X is aware of this, and is warning users ahead. As a matter of fact, the detail has been added as a Community Note to X’s official announcement.

If this bothers you so much (of course, it should), then you can switch off the feature by going to settings.

X launched audio and video calling a couple of weeks ago, but limited its availability to premium users alone. The company, however, extended access to all users shortly after the initial launch.

The reason for this sudden change is anyone’s guess, but you can get started with audio and video calling on X by updating your app to the latest version.

Elon Musk’s vision is to transform X into a platform that offers a lot of services, including peer-to-peer payments, shopping, creator tools, and more. A couple of weeks ago, the company confirmed the time frame of its upcoming P2P payments. X was licensed to offer payment services in a dozen US states in December, and the company has announced that it will launch peer-to-peer in 2004.

In related news, X has officially launched the ability for Spaces hosts to turn on their video during chat sessions.

A couple of weeks ago, X designer Andrea Conway shared a screenshot of the feature via his X page. The feature is now formally rolling out to users on the platform.

Spaces users will now notice a new option to “enable video” when they first create a new Spaces session. If you are the host of a session, you can choose to opt for your phone’s front or back cameras; and this also includes a landscape or vertical view of your video feed.

The addition is another step towards X’s “everything app” vision, a vision of its owner, Elon Musk. The plan is to see X become the go-to app for every user online. X wants to be able to offer virtually every service and feature being offered to users by other apps and social media apps.

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