Xbox Series X Leak Revealed Price Details

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And it’s quite expensive. 

Xbox Series X Leak Revealed Price Details

Guess who leaked the price details for Xbox Series X? You wouldn’t guess it correctly but it was Pringles. Yes, the maker of stackable potato-based chips accidentally revealed the price details for this console. 

Xbox Series X will be released this year during the holiday season. However, the company hasn’t said anything about the exact release date and the price. Whether Xbox likes it or nor, the price details for its new console will be revealed in various places. 

But the leaker is from a company and it was unexpected. The company holds a contest that involves Xbox Series X in South Africa. Unfortunately, a Twitter user, Cavie, spotted the fine print. 

Cavie said that Pringles is holding Xbox Series X promotion in South Africa. Influencers in the region were given packages about the promotion. 

The document for the promotion showed the size of the prize pool. Cavie said that the hardware could cost more in the region putting the device around R13,500. It would translate to $815. 

The promotion stated that you need to purchase a can of Pringles to give you a chance to win the said device. Pringles will give away a total of 46 Xbox Series X with a total value of R621,00. If you divide it by 46, you get the magic number. 

In the latest report, though, the Series X could cost $499 while the Series S is around $299. They will launch on November 10, 2020. These details have been confirmed by Windows Central. During the launch, Microsoft will offer Xbox All Access financing options so you can get a console. It also gives you access to all Xbox series. In that case, the financing options will cost you around $35 a month for the Series X and $25 a month for the Series S. 

Xbox Series X is said to have improved hardware to support a maximum of 120 FPS and 4K resolutions. Developers are vocal about what to expect from the games that will make it to the X. 

It is likely to use Smart Delivery. It gives players free enhancements across the present model and next-generation. It can help gamers in saving cash while they transition from one console to another. It means that you can play a certain game on Xbox One and Series X. 

In that case, if you have Cyberpunk 2077 on your Xbox One, you can still use it to play the game on Xbox Series X. Upgrading will be free. 

There are several games with Smart Delivery. These would include Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and the Ascent, among others. 

Unfortunately, Madden NFL 21 won’t have Smart Delivery. But it will offer a free upgrade if you purchased the game before December 31, 2020. 

If you can’t afford the Xbox Series X, you might want to settle with the Series S. This will be a cheaper alternative that can be available around $299. It can be an appealing option if you’re buying it as a gift for your kids or yourself. 

The Series S will have 1080p with 1440p gaming. It will also carry 7.5GB Ram, instead of 13.5 GB on the Series X.

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