X/Twitter’s Deletion of User Photos — Wiping Out Photos Tweeted Before December 2014

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Twitter Deleted User Photos 

Is it a glitch or intentional? X, formerly known as Twitter, is having an issue displaying old posts with images attached. 

Some users pointed out that the issue affects tweets published before December 2014. But there are no videos involved. It could be because Twitter only added built-in videos in 2016. However, links to YouTube and others are now just text. They have a t.co URL but it does not seem to work. 

In a tweet by Tom Coates, he said that the issue affected the famous picture — the selfie posted by Ellen DeGeneres with other Hollywood celebrities, like Jennifer Lawerence, Bradley Cooper, etc. That tweet became the most retweeted ever with more than 2 million shares on Twitter. 

However, the picture was restored later on. 

“More vandalism from @elonmusk. Twitter has now removed all media posted before 2014. Thats – so far – almost a decade of pictures and videos from the early 2000s removed from the service.” – Tom

There are speculations that it could be Musk’s move to cut some costs in operating X. However, it could also be caused by a bug since the actual image has not been deleted. This is just one of the many bugs that arise since Musk took over. 

Removing Block Feature

In other news, Musk announced on X that it will soon remove the block feature because it does not make sense. A lot of users, including anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky, asked Elon to keep this feature because it is a critical tool to ensure that people are safe online. 

According to X’s CEO

“Our users’ safety on X is our number one priority. And we’re building something better than the current state of block and mute. Please keep the feedback coming.” 

Although it will be deleted as a feature, it will remain a part of DMs. 

Since Musk took over and bought it for $44 billion last year, the platform has undergone various changes. First, he terminated thousands of workers to cut costs against the massive loan. He also modified the moderation policies. 

As a result, many people who were banned are now allowed to return, including Donald Trump. But some users were denied access again because of their anti-semitic remarks. 

Former President Donald Trump was invited back to the platform. However, he chose to use his own platform Truth Social. 

He hired Linda Yacarino to calm advertisers who are now apprehensive about the safety of their brands when using the platform. However, it seems that Musk still outshines her. 

The deletion of old user photos could be a bug. Those old image images are still said to be on the server and could be easily restored at some point. Whether or not it is intentional, Twitter or X is no longer stable. 

But many loyal users are still hoping that Musk will introduce features that will improve their safety and will become once again a popular website or platform. Others have already fled and used X or Twitter alternatives.

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