X Spaces users can now log in as speakers on desktop

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Finally, X has launched a new update that allows Spaces users to log in as speakers on desktop. The cool new update offers users a new way to engage in X’s audio chats.

Users can now send a request to speak via the desktop version of X. Despite being able to listen in on Spaces chats on desktop PCs for some time now, users were not able to participate as Spaces was only built for mobile. 

This limitation posed a huge challenge for podcasters who were not able to use Spaces as they would rather use higher-end audio equipment. Of course, it is no secret that mobile microphones offer nothing close to the same level of customization and control in-stream.

This may represent one of the best moves X has made in recent times. It could help generate more interest in Spaces and also help creators improve audience participation.

In 2022, X, then Twitter, added some new tools to help you manage your recordings on Spaces. Some of these tools include:

Permanent Recordings

This new element ensures your recordings stay as long as you want them to. Usually, recordings would become unavailable after 30 days, but that is no longer the case.

This new element has the capacity to keep some interesting spaces alive and keep your listeners engaged. It means people can come back anytime to listen to it, and you can recommend that they go listen months later.

New Listing of Recorded Spaces

Twitter is also adding a new listing of your recorded spaces, which you will find within your app settings menu. This will enable you to play your sessions back, delete the ones you do not like, and share your recordings directly from the list.

More Details in the Status Bar

Going forward, Android users will get to see more details about who is hosting, the topics being discussed, who has shared a tweet, and much more in the Status Bar. Twitter hopes this will entice more people to join Spaces and get involved in the conversation.

In not-so-related news, users were greeted a couple of weeks ago with a new X logo staring at them in the face while they logged in to their Twitter account. The old Bird logo was finally gone, replaced by an X logo.

This did not come as a shock to many; recall that Elon Musk had announced the company’s intention to officially replace the old logo with a new one.

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