X rolls out its long-form articles feature to Premium+ Subscribers

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X’s long-form articles feature has started rolling out to Premium Subscribers. The long-form articles feature, according to the company, is called X Articles, which is basically a blogging platform built into the X system.

“Today, we are excited to announce Articles, a new way to write and share long-form content with your followers on X,” X said.

Users can bring up the Article composer by selecting Articles in the sidebar on the web. From there, users can begin writing their content using a variety of formatting options, including bold, italic, and strikethrough text. Users will also be able to use bullet points and numbered lists while using the Composing Article menu.

Users can also embed images and videos to enhance their storytelling and add visual interest to their Articles.

Once your content has been published, Articles will appear on your profile in a new Articles tab and in your followers’ timelines, just like regular X posts.

Articles will also be easily distinguishable thanks to a unique icon and layout, ensuring that your long-form content stands out,” X said in a post via its platform.

In other news, X’s new audio and video calling feature has become a source of security concern, with some users complaining that their IP addresses are being exposed.

This seems to be a significant oversight on the part of X’s engineers, and could deter people from using or even turning on the feature.

According to some privacy advocates, the new system exposes each user’s IP address whenever they make a call. The good thing is that X is aware of this, and is warning users ahead. As a matter of fact, the detail has been added as a Community Note to X’s official announcement.

If this bothers you so much (of course, it should), then you can switch off the feature by going to settings.

X launched audio and video calling a couple of weeks ago, but limited its availability to premium users alone. The company, however, extended access to all users shortly after the initial launch.

The reason for this sudden change is anyone’s guess, but you can get started with audio and video calling on X by updating your app to the latest version.

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Author: Ola Ric

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