X launches new ID verification for premium users

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After months of testing, X has finally released its ID verification feature. In order to have a new marker added to their profile, X Premium subscribers can use the ID verification feature to verify their identity using a government-issued ID.

The new ID verification process will enable users to confirm their identity via a matching process that makes use of your license and a selfie taken in the confirmation steps.

Twitter is partnering with a “forensic identity intelligence”  company in the verification process. This will reduce the manual labor load on X, but it will also mean users will be sharing their data with the two companies as part of the process.

X currently focuses on account authentication to prevent impersonation and may explore additional measures, such as ensuring users have access to age-appropriate content and protecting against spam and malicious accounts, to maintain the integrity of the platform and safeguard healthy conversations,” X said per Social Media Today.

In other news, X has added a new feature to its Community Notes. Going forward, all instances of any video that gets a Community Note will display the message in both reshares and posts.

A Community Notes contributor will have the option to designate that the note is about the particular video clip and not the specific post when he adds one to a video app. 

Notes written on videos will automatically show on other posts containing matching videos. A highly-scalable way of adding context to edited clips, AI-generated videos, and more.”

This will enable more users to receive more advisory notes in a more effective manner. Now, the system can identify reshared photos and videos in the app and tag them with any relevant notes.

In June, X, then known as Twitter, added new functionality to its Community Notes that enables contributors to add a contextual note to an image in the app. X will then follow that up by attaching that note to any matching re-shares of the same image across all tweets.

The explanatory note that is added to a questionable image by a Community Notes contributor will now be included with all subsequent tweets that include that image.

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Author: Ola Ric

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